Sunday, 8 March 2020

A fleeting chapter

He found her at the corner of the bar, with a glass of Japanese whisky in her hand. She caught his eye with her luscious hair that fell perfectly on her shoulders. From afar, she looked like the confident and positive type; but at closer glance, she reminded him of an abandoned kitten that had lost its way. And it tugged at his heartstrings; made him want to put all of his time and energy into caring for her.

She pushed him away at first; told him that she did not have the capacity to love and care for another, and that she was, damaged. But it didn't shake his resolve. He wanted to fix the broken pieces of her heart - piece by piece, to show her all the beauty that this world had to offer, and to make her whole again. Reluctantly, she accepted his kind gesture, cautioning him that she will never be able to do the same for him.

Months went by like this. She would call him when she needed a drinking buddy, and he would show up almost immediately. He would stroke her back until she stopped sobbing, and use innovative ways to make her smile again. Subconsciously, she found herself crying less and less, and laughing more.

Till one day, she found the confidence to fly again. 

She spread her wings and soared into the sky, searching for a new place to call home, to rebuild her life once again. 

But there he sat there in the muddy swamp, sinking deeper and deeper with the burden of her tears and pain weighing down on him.


He still frequents the bar hoping to catch sight of her, hoping that she would one day return and be the one to mend his brokenness.

But she never came back.

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