Sunday, 24 November 2019

Love at different stages of life

12 years old: Omg she’s looking at me. Does she like me? I wonder what it’s like to hold her hands. She’s so pretty. She’s prettier than any girl I’ve ever seen. Should I text her tonight? I really want to know if she likes me!

15 years old: She’s such a sweet girl. Should I ask her out for a movie? What if it’s awkward? Maybe I should ask my friends along too…

18 years old: Damn she’s hot. I’m gonna make her my girl. How do I get her to notice me? Should I start heading to the gym?

 21 years old: She is one special girl. She’s beautiful, she has such a kind heart and she understands me. I’m going to make sure she feels special and gets all the love she deserves.

23 years old: I think she is the one. She is the one I’m going to marry; the one I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. I have to start thinking about how we are going to save up and start a family…

28 years old: She’s not too bad. I mean, there are smarter and prettier girls out there but I could settle with this. I think I’ll be happy…

30 years old: I’m so fortunate to have such an amazing woman as my wife. She puts up with all my flaws and supports me when things get tough. I’m sure she’s going to be a great mother to our children.

35 years old: How can she be so annoying and unappreciative at times? But I guess after all, she’s the mother of my kids. She has been through so much for the family. I should learn to treasure her more.

40 years old: We’ve been together for so long that we barely have anything new to talk about. There’s no excitement in our relationship anymore. But we’re family, and I guess family don’t give up on each other even in the driest of seasons.

50 years old: Our kids are almost all grown up. I can’t believe we raised them up to become who they are today. I’m so proud of us. I’m so proud of her.

65 years old: It has been a long and arduous journey together. Our kids have their own families to take care of now. I should start thinking about how to make the rest of our lives meaningful for the both of us. For her.

80 years old: Thank you for staying by my side since the day we met, through the ups and downs, and through the exciting and boring times. I love you, my beloved.

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