Wednesday, 10 May 2017

That near death moment

Have you ever had that near death moment that they always talk about in novels or TV shows? Yes, that moment when your entire life flashes before your eyes, and you're overwhelmed with the sudden realisation that you should've treasured the time you had with your loved ones.

I've had it.

I shared my testimony in 2014, about how I miraculously survived a car accident four years ago. I was hit by a car while crossing the road, and at that moment - and moments after - I thought I was going to die.

It has been seven years (and two months) since the accident, and I still vividly remember what went through my mind in that 'dying moment'. I thought about the fight that I had with my little brother in the car that morning. I thought about how rude I was to my mother because she took his side. I thought about how awful it would be if I didn't have the chance to tell them that I was sorry. I thought about how much it would've broken their hearts if that was their last memory of me. Unable to prop my body up into a kneeling position, I laid there, on the ground, begging my Maker to give me just one more chance.

And He did.

I'm writing this today because I've almost absolutely forgotten how that near death moment feels like. Sometimes, I argue with Marcus and hesitate to say the words 'I love you'. Sometimes, I reject my baby sister's Skype call because I'm too busy with assignments. Sometimes, I try to avoid a hug from a friend because I don't like physical contact.

But today, the thought of another near death moment brings me to (literal) tears. What would come to mind? That 'I love you' that I should've said? That call that I should've answered? That friend that I should've embraced with every ounce of my energy?

I guess I will be looking back at this post from time to time, for the years to come.
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