Saturday, 16 July 2016

Impalpable lifeline

Where are you? Where are you right now?
I can't come to you but I need you.

They've drowned my lips in layers of tape.
They've tied me up with fetters of iron.

My bloodshot eyes yearn for reprieve.
My punctured heart cries out to you.

Can you hear me?

You said all I have to do is to call out for you.
Knife to my throat - what am I to do?


I'm barely hanging on.
Another step, another sigh, another word -
The rope is about to snap!

The seas are raging beneath me.
They stretch our their arms and beckon me.

I'm coming!
I'm coming.
I'm com-

Please catch me.

The wind carries me (for a moment)
And feeds me to the waves.

Darkness engulfs me as I sink deeper
and deeper.
and deeper still.

Suddenly, I hear your still small voice.
My fingers itch for you but
I'm no longer in control.

I can't come to you but I need you.
Don't let me die, please. Don't let me die.
I'll cast my cares upon you.
© Melody Sim | All rights reserved.