Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Not made for war

I pull open the curtains of my eyes.
A burst of sunlight invades my moment of reprieve.
It's another day, but it's the same old war.

They say, "Come join the army."
They say, "Take up the call."
They say, "Defend your country!"

We took up the call.
We've been preparing for war.
We've spent our lives waiting for that moment.
The moment that we pick up our weapons.
The moment that we shed blood for honour.
The moment that we march the victory march.

We wait.
And wait.
And wait.

In the meanwhile, we train hard.
We give up on the things we've always wanted to do,
We walk away from the hustle and bustle of life.
We sacrifice.

We spend (almost) every moment preparing for the war.
And soon we forget that we ever wanted to do those things.

We march into the battlefield with smiles on our faces.
We boost our morale with songs of victory.
We count down to D-day - 
The day we flaunt our life's worth of sweat and blood.

Like fools, we march on and on.
Like fools, we believe we will win.
Like fools, we allow them to make us fight their wars.
But in reality, we've lost from the beginning.

It's another day, but it's the same old war.
The war against my classmate and my colleague.
The war that society has called us to.
The war that offers security and success.

I'm marching onward to that war,
But I'm spiralling downwards in everything else that I have known.

I'm not made for war.
I'm not made for war.
I'm made for my safe haven.
I'm made for your embrace.
In your arms is where I find security.
But I will fight the war.
And I will win the war.

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