Sunday, 27 March 2016

Monologue: The Woman Caught In Adultery

I was in my secret place. I was deep in my sin.
How would I know that they would find me?
How would I know that they would expose me!
I stood there with my body bare. I was clothed in shame.
They looked at me with contempt.
They advanced towards me with scorn.
I wanted to run, to hide, to disappear from the face of the earth.
My feet were rooted to the ground.
I was worn down with guilt and disgust for myself.
I wanted to die. I wanted to die.

They spitted at me, yanked my hair, dragged me on the ground.
Where were they taking me to?!

I was dishevelled.
My hair was loose, my lipstick smudged, my mascara discoloured by my tears.
I was covered with dirt and my legs were bruised.

They dragged me to him.
The man whom the whole town was talking about.
The man whose feet no one was worthy to touch.
The man who was the epitome of perfection.

Why were they doing this?!
As I was shoved to his feet, humiliation washed over me.
If he was the clear skies that everyone longed for,
I was the hailstorm that everyone hated.

They started to draw out their handphones.
Were they going to take pictures of me?!
It was utterly humiliating!
I covered my body with my scrawny arms before they could -

It was too late.
The whole town was going to know about my promiscuity.
I buried my face in my hands to stifle my sobs.
Then I felt a large hand rest upon my shoulder.
I lifted my head and I saw him.
The man whose feet no one was worthy to touch.
He caressed my shoulder and blocked me from the cameras.

I was overwhelmed.
I didn't know this man but it felt like he loved me.
I was put in a trance as he uttered a string of words to them.
The next I knew, everyone was gone.
Everyone was gone!
I was vindicated!

He held my face in his tender hands.
"I don't condemn you. Go and sin no more."

About a year later, I received the news that he had passed away.
He didn't die in an accident. He wasn't put to death for a crime he had committed.
He was blameless till his last breath!
He was murdered because, because of me!
Because he forgave me when everyone else condemned me,
Because he embraced me when society hated me,
Because he made my sin, his sin,
They despised him and killed him.

Do I hate myself? Do I feel burdened?
No! He said, "My yoke is easy, and my burden is light."
I am rested. I am made not-guilty.
He lives in me. He lives in me.

Adapted form The Woman Caught in Adultery. (John 8:1-11)

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