Sunday, 24 January 2016

The fools who let down their fences

We build fences.
The enemy claws at the door of our hearts,
Longing to know our weakness(es),
Eager to strike us with a blow.

We build fences.
Our allies send their spies to camp at our gates,
On a lookout for hidden treasures (if any),
Their ships ready to sail the opposite direction.

We build fences.
The people we love embrace our insecurities;
But they are the ones, who could kill,
If they (unintentionally) strangle us.

We build fences.
We know we are nothing more than weak humans;
And if we let our fears creep in,
It could rob us of our sanity, of everything we are defending.

We will let down our fences!
Everyone! let down your fences!
What we’re hiding merely makes us human…

We are the fools who let down our fences.

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