Friday, 11 December 2015

My gift to you this Christmas

I’ve never really questioned the purpose of celebrating Christmas. Yes, I know it isn’t the actual day of the birth of Christ. But you know, it’s one of the things that you don’t actually question because you were brought up to do them. It was only until I found out that Sheldon Cooper doesn’t celebrate Christmas that it got me thinking. (Yes, Big Bang Theory gets me thinking, and laughing, all the time!)

For those who have not heard about the origin of Christmas, here’s a short summary for you. In Ancient Rome, the few days leading up to the 25th of December were celebrated in honour of Saturn, the god of agriculture. This weeklong holiday, known as Saturnalia, was commemorated with hedonistic acts and lawlessness. (Just imagine the movie “The Purge”; lasting for a week, instead of 24-hours.) As a result, properties were damaged, people were hurt and women were raped. To put an end to this pagan celebration, the Roman church decided to commemorate the 25th of December as the birth of Jesus Christ. As Christianity was burgeoning as a religion, people largely accepted the Church’s decision. It became popular even in the neighbouring regions, and after more than a millennium, it is what it is today.

What we - Christians or not - celebrate annually is actually a political tool used by the Roman Church back in Ancient Rome. It isn’t the actual birthday of Christ. It isn’t a day mandated by God to commemorate. It isn’t, in fact, in any way, Christian. (Well, probably apart from its name – “Christ’s mass”.) Is there a point, then, to celebrate it?

I say, yes, yes, and yes! Christmas is the day that families put aside their busy schedules to come together for a meal. Christmas is the day that people remember, write cards and give gifts to friends and loved ones that they haven’t talked to in awhile. Christmas is the day that people look forward to and give thanks amidst a trying period. And finally (and closest to my heart), Christmas is the day that people think about Christ and His life on earth. Whether you’re a Christian or not, and regardless of the origin of Christmas, I’m pretty confident that at least a notion of Christ pops into your mind during Christmas. There are plays and musicals about His birth. Christmas choirs sing carols and hymns, worshipping the Lord. People exchange gifts, exuberating the Christmas spirit of giving, and reflecting the love of the Son.

Christmas brings out the kindness in people. Christmas brings people together. Christmas draws creation to its creator. Because of these, I say, it is worth celebrating, regardless.

This Christmas, whether or not it has a religious significance for you, give generously, let your loved ones know how much they mean to you, and catch up with those you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Pamper your loved ones with a collection from the series of JORD wood watches. I've partnered with JORD to giveaway e-gift cards worth US$25 each to my readers! (FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.) All you have to do is to click HERE, fill up the form and wait for an e-mail with the gift card code. This is my gift to you this Christmas. Be blessed, and be a blessing to others.

Merry Christmas!

Photo shoot with my best friend, in Christmas colours.
(P.s. Our friendship keeps us warm amidst the chill in the (8°C) morning air!)


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