Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Bid farewell to dry skin!

I used to be extremely embarrassed about shaking hands. I was born with eczema. My hands (in fact, my whole body) were dry and coarse. Thanks to Sch├╝lke, I am now able to confidently embrace handshakes and physical contact!

Because of my persistent skin condition, doctors would advise me not to use shower gels with high soap and fragrance content. Why? They deplete our skin's oil. Esemtan wash lotion is soap-free and mild in fragrance. Yet, they work in the exact same way as soapy shower gels! This enables me to be clean and fresh after washing up while maintaining my skin's natural moisture.

On top of the wash lotion, the Esemtan skin balm can be used to complete your daily moisturising routine. For those who know me well enough, they are aware of how much I scratch and scratch and scratch all the time. Esemtan skin balm works like magic in reducing itchiness and its effects are pretty immediate!

Here's a peek into my daily hand moisturising routine with my new Esemtan products!

I would first begin by pouring approximately 2-3ml of Esemtan wash lotion onto my palm.

Then, I would froth it by adding some water.

I would spread the lotion to both hands and wash thoroughly.

And finally, rinse it off and dry it with soft tissue.

Next up would be the Esemtan skin balm. 

I would apply about a coin-size amount onto the back of my palm.

I would then rub it gently and spread it to the rest of my hands. 

Join me in my diligent moisturising routine today! You can find the Esemtan wash lotion (S$19.75/500ml, S$35.30/1L) and the skin balm (S$20/500ml) at NHG, Guardian, Unity, Watsons or any independent pharmacy (e.g. Pink Beauty & Beauty Essential). 

All products are dermatologically tested. 

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