Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Bunny eyes

People always tell me that the bunny is my doppelgänger - mainly because of the bunny teeth. This time round, I've got the added feature of the bunny eyes! (Do I look more like one now?)

I've never worn coloured contact lenses, neither do I use soft lenses - I've always been a constant user of hard lens. My 1st experience of wearing soft coloured contacts was a pleasant one thanks to Klenspopthe first Korean brand that I'm (extremely thrilled to be) working with. Initially, I was worried about fitting the lenses into my eyes as they were seemingly huge. The last time I tried normal soft lenses (years ago), it took my half an hour just to get them in properly! To my surprise, these lenses were remarkably easy to put on (and take off) and felt practically non-existent in my eyes. 

The one that I'm wearing is the Bunny 3 Color Gray lens that is tailor-made to accommodate my high eye power. I like how it looks absolutely natural on me - if I hadn't told you, you might not even have noticed!

If you're more adventurous and bold in making your fashion statement, they have a variety of bright colour lenses as well.

What are you waiting for? Get yours at Klenspop today!

Feeling confident in my new coloured contact lenses, I decided to wear it out for my Saturdate to The Tiramisu Hero. My gray eyes blended in neatly with the monochromatic theme of the cafe and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect date! 

Some of you who have been to The Tiramisu Hero might have attempted to solve its SMARTY PANTS CHALLENGE. (See pictures below. ) We were only given one try and we squandered it on a careless answer that we Googled... Marcus, being someone who wouldn't rest his case until he finds out the answer, cracked his brain till dinner time before he finally received his epiphany! Here it goes.

The Challenge:
A dance of long flowy moves
A sound the walls make
A well-known American airlines
A boy, what's his name?

The Answer (we haven't tried it, but we're 100% sure.):
A dance of long flowy moves: TANGO
A sound the walls make: ECHO
A well-known American airlines: DELTA
A boy, what's his name? CHARLIE

NATO phonetic alphabets!

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