Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The wonders of Gaudí

Antoni Gaudí. One of the world's greatest architect with 7 of his works declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was a privilege and an honour to have had the opportunity to witness his architecture in Barcelona.

Casa Batlló
The exterior was stunning. How can anyone be convinced that it was actually someone's home?! Apparently, it was an unpretentious building until Josep Batlló bought it over and hired Gaudí to redesign it. He must have had the shock of his life upon seeing it completed! It's a pity that the entrance fee was so expensive! We had to choose between Batlló or La Pedrera. We went for the latter.

Casa Milà (La Pedrera)
We made the right choice. I, again, cannot believe that this was actually a home. Of a married (filthy) rich couple. The interior was beautiful, but what nailed it was its rooftop! I never knew, or imagined, that someone could do such magic to a rooftop. What was even more impressive was the strategic location of his architecture - there was a particular spot on the rooftop that overlooked not only surrounding buildings but also his most famous work, the Sagrada Família. It must be an immense bliss to enjoy such a picturesque view every day.

Sagrada Família
If Pedrera have yet to take your breath away (I doubt it), Família definitely would. A Roman Catholic church with extremely intricate designs in its exterior - every single carving tells a part of a story from the bible. Although Gaudi embarked on the construction of the building in 1883, it is incomplete till date! (Hence the cranes seen on top of it.) The best part is that the interior is equally as mesmerising!

Park Güell
Gaudí's works were heavily inspired by nature. Park Güell was the epitome of naturalism. A public park with the perfect amalgamation of man-made and natural features. Yes, we managed to take a picture with the famous salamander (also known as el drac - the dragon)!! (Everyone was fighting for a picture with him.) 

Just when we were about to leave the place, the twins' dad spotted a poor little bird drowning in the pond. That poor guy was shivering from head to toe. We picked him up, dried him up and put him back on land. Hope he's coping well!

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