Saturday, 7 February 2015

Welcome to Barcelona

Barcelona is known for many things: the football, the architecture, the art, the beach, the food.... But what really fascinated me the moment I landed in this city was its streets. Walking on the streets of Barcelona felt surreal - as though I was walking through the streets of a 19th century film. It was probably the amalgamation of its breathtaking architecture, the romantic slurs of the Hispanics, the (slow) pace of life and the blazing sun that coexisted with the gentle breezes that made the streets so magical. Furthermore, as it was the Christmas season, the festive lights and the constant buzz of Christmas sales added a refreshing flavour to the atmosphere.

Barcelona was the perfect place for a reunion - not just any reunion, but a family reunion. After 4 months of not seeing his family, Marcus finally got to meet them! Even though I didn't get to meet my family during the Christmas break, the 9 days spent with his family took away my homesickness. Many people have asked me if it was awkward to travel with my boyfriend's family. Well, it was my first time and I must say - it wasn't awkward at all! Seeing them waiting at the arrival hall was truly comforting. Hearing their familiar voices day and night was satisfying. Having to say goodbye once again was awfully tear-jerking. It was as though I was their youngest daughter.

9 days was suficiente (the first word we learnt, when we had to ask the waiter if the food we ordered was enough). Of course, the time spent with our loved ones wasn't enough, but it was the perfect amount of time needed to explore every tourist-worthy aspect of Barcelona. This short trip marked the first of many Europe trips (to come) in the next 3 years. And boy, it sure did set a towering benchmark!

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