Thursday, 26 February 2015

Food in Barcelona

People travel for different reasons. Some travel for the adventure, some for the shopping, some for the scenery, and some for the food. For me, one of the main reasons is definitely FOOD. As seafood is expensive in the UK, Marcus and I fed mainly on chicken, pork and vegetables. The (comparatively) cheap seafood in Barcelona made our tummies very happy! We ate so much Paella that we got sick of it after a week! (The irony is that of all the different kinds of food, we didn't take any pictures of the Paella.) These are a few food places that we visited:

(1) Taller de Tapas

It's a crime to visit Spain and not try their Tapas! This was the first restaurant that we dined in on our first night in Barcelona. They have a handful of outlets around Barcelona and their food is pretty impressive. It is amazing how butter and garlic can do such magic as the main ingredients!

(2) 365 Cafe

The pastry stall that was conveniently located at the bottom of our apartment. Their pastry is heavenly and their coffee is perfect to kickstart the day! What's even better? Everything was around €1!!! Moreover, as their name suggests, they are truly opened for 365 days a year - we had our daily dose of pastry goodness even on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!

(3) Food Market 

A food market that we chanced upon on our way back to our apartment! The variety of seafood on sale is spectacular.

(4) Gelato Stall

It's a pity that I can't recall the name of this particular stall. There were just too many gelato stalls along the streets of Barcelona! Variety of flavours, richness in taste, affordable prices, they've got them all in check! 

(5) Orio Gastronomia Vasca

The first thing we saw when we entered was the role of pastries lined up on the counter top of the bar. We helped ourselves to the huge selection of pastries that were on display and to our disappointment, it wasn't fantastic. However, we had a pleasant surprise when the food we ordered from the menu arrived! The oxtail and the prawns were my favourite!

(6) Santa Anna

Our favourite restaurant! It wasn't the classiest but it was the place that we enjoyed the most. The food was very decent and extremely value for money. The service was fantastic, especially with a particular Spanish waiter who, with his warm gestures, left us with all smiles. And yes, Sangria Sangria Sangria!

(7) HOME!! 

Marcus' dad whipped up a scrumptious meal for all of us on the final night in Barcelona! Pepper crab, teriyaki squid and prawns, stir-fried asparagus, sautéed mushrooms and marinated beef. Aah, nothing beats a home-cooked meal made with love!

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