Friday, 2 January 2015


My mama once told me, "piercings are bad".
It may cost me a job, it may give me an infection.
I didn't care, I was a rebellious lad;
Seven ear piercings were my day's accumulation. 

Lobe, auricle and helix, I craved for them all. 
To home I returned, to face my mama's brawl.
I scorned at her fury, and mocked her concern;
Instead of my repentance, it fuelled my passion.

As time went by, my mama became silent.
She probably gave up on saving this delinquent.
As the nagging died down, so did my exhilaration.
One by one, the piercings disappeared with no explanation. 

The lobe piercings were the only survivors,
And even so, I had lost all my drivers.
I couldn't be bothered to put on my earrings,
Not even for my romantic dates or family gatherings. 

Thank God for Body Jewellery Shop,
My lack of enthusiasm was put to a stop.
It's not that I'm incited to rebel once again,
It's just that these earrings make me oh-so-vain.

Click here to view their vast array of dazzling ear piercing jewellery products! The following 3 were the ones I picked after a huge and dilemma-filled contemplation. For me, sweet and simple is the way!

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