Thursday, 18 September 2014


These giants survey me with patronising eyes,
"Is she alone? Is she alright?"
They don't know that I've just said my goodbyes,
They probably think I lost my way after my flight.

Each time I believe I'm done wailing,
Hot tears spill out all over again.
Despite my wanderlust and passion for flying,
All my excitement had been flushed down the drain.

Yet, as morbid as it sounds,
I'm glad that farewell brings me such grief.
For it shows that euros and pounds
Can never compare to the loved ones I had to leave. 

My crestfallen face lights up with wonder
As the giants embrace the arrival of their loved ones.
I start to look forward to next summer,
When I can once again see my fellow dwarfs sing and dance.

I manage a weak smile instead of a sigh,
Despite the taunting journey that lies ahead.
For I know that in a blink of an eye,
I'll be back at the departure gate.

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