Thursday, 28 August 2014


Darkness raced across the skies, chasing the sun all the way to the Western horizon, indicating that it was about 4p.m. A gust of cold wind swept across my face, making me shudder as I wrapped additional rounds of my beige Burberry scarf around my neck. I wasn't sure where I was, but I knew that there were four seasons in the region, and it was winter. It was insanely chilly. The waves of cold breeze sent shivers down my spine, giving me goosebumps despite the thick layers of insulation. There was an annoying pain in my lower lip and as I brushed it with my fingers, I realized that it had cracked, and so had my fingertips. 

I quickened my pace as my destination came into sight. Against the backdrop of a dark and gloomy night stood out the dazzling signboard "JARED'S". It was one of the only few eateries that continued running its business even after the sun's down. 

100 meters away. A man in grey ragged clothes stood equidistant from me and my destination. He seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. What was he doing out here in the cold? Why wasn't he wrapped in winter wear? Wouldn't he be freezing? As I pictured myself in his shoes, my fingers felt like they were about to fall off. I approached him with apprehension, calculating the possibilities in my head. Just then, a loud "THUMP" startled me. He was on the floor, his whole body had gone limp. A pool of fresh red blood circled him, expanding at a rapid pace. I knew I should I do something, but the sight was far too gruesome for me to handle. Bile rose up to my throat as waves of nausea overwhelmed me. I rolled my fist into a ball and shoved it into my mouth, stifling my scream. My brisk walk had turned into a sprint.

I was racing up the porch to JARED'S when an endearing pair of eyes caught my attention. I hadn't plan on stopping as I was eager to escape the horror that had just unfolded before me. Yet, my body came to a halt. It was the eyes of a baby boy. Big round eyes that sparkled with hope, adorned with beautiful long lashes. Under the dim light, it seemed like his eyes were translucent - a very faded shade of blue. I couldn't hold back a smile as I sauntered towards him. He reached out to me with his tiny little hands. Why hadn't he put on any gloves? Just then, he was yanked backwards with such brute force. I sucked in a huge gulp of air as I saw the man carrying the baby for the first time. Why hadn't I noticed him there? He grinned, an extremely queer grin. 

"Hello." I was trying to be polite. 

"Miss." He said it as a matter of fact as he drew something out of his pocket. 

A pistol. 

HOLY CROW. Since when were guns allowed?! America. I was probably in America. Arizona? Sebastian? Forks? It didn't matter, I was about to die anyway. 

I glared at him in the eye, in a feeble attempt to mask my fears. He cocked his pistol. This was it. He lifted it with his right hand, his left hand still wrapped firmly around the baby's waist, and rested the muzzle on the baby's temple...

My mouth fell right open. I was in a complete state of shock and disbelief. I was safe. He wasn't trying to kill me. BUT THE BABY. THE POOR INNOCENT BABY. What was he trying to do??? Kill the baby at point blank?!

"Sir, what are you doing?" It was barely a squeak. 

"Find me 10 people to kill, and I will spare this baby." He challenged, intrigued by the fear in my eyes.

10 people. It wouldn't be hard. There were way more than 10 people in JARED'S. I could lure them out with an excuse. My excuses were usually pretty convincing. But NO. Why would I trade 10 lives for 1???

I didn't have the luxury of time to further rationalize. My first instincts told me that it wasn't worth the trade. 

"I will not sacrifice 10 lives for the life of 1." I said confidently despite the crack in my voice. I turned and carried on towards the front door of JARED'S. At that instant, the pistol fired off with a piercing "BANG". I closed my eyes and dragged my feet forward, ignoring the sound of blood splattering and chunks of flesh flying. 

"I was left with no choice. Sacrifices had to be made for the greater good." I convinced myself. Yet, the trauma would forever be imprinted in my memory. 

Even when I'm awake. 

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