Thursday, 31 July 2014


He paced back and forth,
Awaiting for her to return with her Korth.
Stomach grinding and palms sweating,
He was prepared for her to execute the firing.

To his friends, he'd probably be innocent;
But by her rules, every one had been broken.
He knew there was no point in removing
The Facebook photo that he was tagged in.

Feeding his colleague that tuna sandwich 
Was seen by his girl as seducing that bitch.
He practised his usual pleadful smile,
Knowing he wouldn't have a summary trial.

It had been three years since her rule,
Since he fell for her like a stupid fool.
She had once promised freedom and democracy,
Like how governments make their voting plea.

It didn't take long to see her true colours,
To burden him with her emotional baggages.
Hottie or nottie, it didn't matter;
She hated anyone who tried to come near.

Tho' she was no better than a Nazi,
He never had the heart to flee.
He believed that her love would overpower his concerns,
Just like how Hitler loved the Germans.

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  1. This was interesting poem. I feel sorry for them both.


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