Sunday, 6 July 2014

Alice in Wonderland

There was a girl who lived in a chalice.
Everyone knew her, her name was Alice.
"Take me on an adventure!" She would cry out all day,
"I want to get out, please show me the way!"

"I will take you," whispered the priest,
"To the world of unknowns, will you take the risk?"
“What is it like?” She curiously asked.
“You’ll know when you come, you better be fast!”
The rainbows and sunshine, the moon and the stars,
Her dreams and visions were coming to pass.
She ran with fervour,
With pride and honour.

Another boy came up beside her, 
He took her hand and joined the endeavor.
Along the way were mystical creatures;
Some she endeared, and some never in a hundred years.

"We are here!" The priest exclaimed.
They were standing on clouds that pour forth rain.
Exploding with anticipation,
Alice looked down on God's creation.

She was taken aback and filled with trepidation,
To find out that the earth was barren.
She groaned and moaned,
But to her comfort, she wasn't alone.

She yearned to return to her mansion,
Now that she was void of passion.
Without the motivation to continue,
She was tempted to start anew.

The other creatures joined their arms together,
They pulled her in, into the circle.
Those whom she met on the journey,
She now called them "family".

She no longer cared
About what the earth shared,
For her newfound motivation
Lay in this unbreakable cohesion.

Hand in hand,
They traversed the land.
And to her surprise,
The earth was pleasant and nice.

It may have been the camaraderie,
It may have been the itinerary.
For she had adopted a whole new stand,
And believed that this was her wonderland.

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