Friday, 4 April 2014

The last straw

He did it again.
His little pranks that subtly feed my appetite for hatred.
His innocence that strikes my chest with a pang of guilt.
His presence that overwhelms me with waves of schizophrenia.
I can't decide.
Do I hate him?
Or do I embrace him?

But today,
Today it's different.
Today I have decided.
I have decided that it is enough.
I will make him pay,
Pay a hefty price.

He approaches me.
His mischievous face and jovial self.
My heart softens.
But no.
I will stand my ground.
I must stand my ground.
He plays his usual pranks.
I smile.
It is the widest smile I have ever given.
He crackles,
He thinks it's funny.
He likes the attention.

I play it cool.
I have it all planned.
He embraces his girl the moment he sees her.
She hardly knows me.
But I know her.
I know everything about her.
Her insecurities,
Her fears,
He has told them all.

I walk up to him.
I walk up to them.
I am nonchalant.
"I think you dropped the letter that Catherine wrote you,"
I say.
I pass it to him,
And walk away.

Five, ten, fifteen steps.
I hear her screams.
She breaks down.
She loses herself.
Jealousy overwhelms her.
Her insecurities surface.
He is at a lost.
He explains himself over and over again to no avail.

I should feel guilty,
But I don't.
That can wait.
Right now,
I feel victorious.
A taste of his own medicine,

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